Getting a Concealed Pistol License

This is the procedure if you live in Michigan.

1.  Pass the 8 hour Concealed Pistol License (CPL) class mandated by the State of Michigan.

2.  Fill out the Concealed Pistol License Application.

3.  Get a passport quality photo.

4.  Submit your application, proof of passing a CPL class, and photo to your County Clerk and pay the fee.

5.  Get fingerprinted by your local Police Department or Sheriff’s Office. Some agencies may charge a small fee.

6.  Pass a background check. The agency that took your fingerprints will notify your County Clerk when you are “good to go.”

7.  Once your fingerprints are cleared by law enforcement your County Clerk will process the application and notify you when your CPL is ready.

Wait for your County Clerk’s office to contact you and pick up your CPL.


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