CCW related FAQs

I have been asked these questions a million times.  So, here are the answers.

The most popular question by far is…

Q:  What kind of gun should I get?

A:  It depends on your comfort level.  Walker Firearm Training, LLC recommends that you carry the largest caliber gun that you can safely and confidently handle.  Once you are trained properly, find a gun range that rents guns.  You have to experiment to find out what suits you.

Followed by, in descending order.

Q:  If I get a CCW, can I shoot to kill ?

A:  Maybe if you are James Bond, the rest of us can only shoot to stop a threat, and then only under very specific circumstances.

Q:  Can I shoot someone if I catch them breaking into my house, car, garage etc., etc.


Q:  When can I shoot someone without getting in trouble?

A:  There is no guarantee that you won’t get in trouble.  Anyone who makes that guarantee  is telling you a lie.  If you shoot someone the incident will be investigated.  You could be arrested and charged with a crime.  If it is later determined that your actions were justified, and you are exonerated, you can still be sued.

Q:  Why do I have to worry about being arrested and sued, I’m the good guy?

A:  Unfortunately, that is the reality of carrying a gun.  That is just how it is…

Q:  When am I justified in shooting someone?

A:  You should be in imminent and immediate danger with a fear of an immediate and impending assault with great bodily harm,  a sexual assault , or loss of life.

Q:  My buddy shoots well, why can’t he teach me?

A:  The person teaching a CCW/CPL class  must teach a certified class that is recognized by the State of Michigan and meets the legal requirements of State Law.

Q:  Some CCW instructors seem a little shady, how do I know who is legit?

A:  Your instructor should be able to show you proof of his certification to teach a CPL class.  The most common certs are NRA, National Rifle Association, and  M.C.O.L.E.S. (Police Academy Instructors)  Also, ask him/her to tell you about the class they teach.  (see next question)

Q:  What should I expect from a CCW class.

A:  A legitimate class will be 8 hours long.  This is not optional, this is a state requirement.  You will shoot a minimum of 30 rounds at a gun range.

You will also learn:

*The safe storage, use and handling of a pistol.

* Ammo knowledge and shooting fundamentals.

*Pistol shooting positions.

*Firearms Law and the Use of deadly force.

*Avoiding criminal attack and controlling a violent confrontation.

*Michigan Firearms law as it relates to the CPL holder.

Q: What is the difference between a CCW and a CPL

A:  CCW stands for carrying a concealed weapon.  This is a generic term that is still used because it is a known and familiar term.  What you are actually getting is a CPL, Concealed Pistol License.

Q:  I was convicted of a Felony, can I get a CCW?

A:  No.  You need to have your felony expunged before you apply for a CCW/CPL.  Consult an attorney, your local gun board or county clerk for more info.

Q:  I was convicted of Domestic violence and  have a PPO against me, can I get a CCW/CPL.

A:  No.

Q:  I was convicted of Drunk Driving, can I get a CCW/CPL?

A:  Maybe, you may have to wait 3-8 years from your conviction date.  There are several misdemeanors that fit into this category.  Consult an Instructor, an Attorney or the Michigan State Police website for further information.

And…last but not least.

Q:  How long does it take to get a CCW?

A:  It depends on how long it takes to process your paperwork and do your background check.  Once your local gun board gets your completed paperwork, they have 45 days to say yes or no.   Some of my students got CPL’s in about a month.  Some students have told me they had to wait 5 or 6 months.

Consult your local gun board and your County Clerk’s office to determine how fast or slow they are where you live.

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