Need a CCW Class? Click on the contact us tab. Call, text, or e-mail to us to schedule your class.

***If you take  your class now you can have your permit before summer*** 

I want to thank everyone who has trained with me so far this year.   I also wish you all luck and hope you are being safe and enjoying your handguns.

Now is the time to protect yourself.   In these difficult times more and more citizens are deciding to arm themselves.


About CCW Class. Walker Firearm Training.

I am a firearms instructor in Michigan and I teach the CCW-CPL class. I am an NRA certified instructor and Army veteran. I have over 20 years experience with firearms. I am a registered member of the NRA and MCRGO. My business is registered with the NRA, MCRGO, and the State of Michigan.
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4 Responses to Need a CCW Class? Click on the contact us tab. Call, text, or e-mail to us to schedule your class.

  1. Tabatha Stewart says:

    I was wondering about the price/hours of your classes for both my husband and I to attend, and also if you rent guns. We are also Grosse Pointe Woods residents. Thank You.

    • Thank you for contacting Walker Firearm Training.

      The majority of my classes are private and semi-private classes. I usually conduct those classes privately, in the students home or office. My flexible scheduling is what makes me diffrent from the others. You would choose the time and day for a semi-private or private class. I work around your schedule. I only ask that you commit a MINIMUM of 8-hours to complete your training. I can do an 8 hour one day class or a 4 hour two day class.

      A class with you and your husband would cost $279.00 (139.50 per student) and includes everything. You would have no additional costs. We would do the class at your home or office and go to the nearest public range for qualification.

      My group classes are held once a month in Detroit. My next group class is Sunday March 31st. The price for a group class in $125.00 per student and includes everything. If you have any questions or you want to schedule a class give me a call or e-mail me.


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